Common Questions


How do I start my interior design project?

Whether you are remodeling or redecorating, finding the look you want can be overwhelming. Navigating through websites such a Houzz.com, Pinterest and design blogs can be time consuming. Kathryn suggests visiting those venues for a brief update of what’s new, and then making an appointment with her soon afterwards to share your wish list. She will ask you specific questions to clarify your expectations and help you define your look. “I call it design therapy.” Quips Kathryn.

Why do I need a designer can’t the contractor help me?

Licensed contractors keep up to date by attending mandatory classes on building codes, green design and construction processes; all important components to safe and healthy design. ASID designers attend classes, markets, seminars, and continuing education courses to confidently advise you on the best products and designs for your project. We work in tandem with your contractor. “I put the people in the rooms if you will” says Kathryn, “Door and window placement can make or break your opportunities for furniture placement, draperies/light control and traffic patterns. Misappropriated walls and doors can add to overall costs.

Do you practice Green Design?

Surprisingly, green design is very easy to apply and not necessarily more expensive. Most often, energy savings quickly outpace the initial investment. My top suggestion; buy local to conserve on fuel costs. There are many granite quarries in the Midwest to choose from. Also landscaping in a manner that conserves water consumption is another easy and effective means to be green. One word on CFL and LED light bulbs, the poor light the new bulbs emit can have an adverse effect on our health. Strained eyes and spooky blue light can be counter intuitive to our wellbeing. Kathryn is constantly striving to find a light source that returns to the kinder light of incandescent.

How will know if you are the designer for me?

I provide a list of referrals upon request. Being in the field of interior design for over 30 years has allowed me to work with many clients in both residential and commercial settings. I have the ability through my experience to align your expectations with my many resources for services and product. My track record for timely execution of the design process and coordination of my design team assures you of a good experience.

Won’t designers take me over my budget?

Designers of course cringe at this perception! We know that popular TV channels such as HGTV may give the wrong impression on what things actually costs. Experienced designers have established relationships with reliable vendors and service people. Designers know that investing in the best of both people and product is a wise choice. “I am occasionally called onto projects that have not gone well and asked to correct the outcomes from poorly done jobs. This is heart breaking because the additional costs could have been avoided if the right people and products had been chosen in the beginning. Knowing when and where to make investments in your project is a candid conversation Kathryn has with all of her clients. “Sacrificing a high preforming wood floor for trendy wall covering may not be right for you.” Kathryn states. Having Kathryn on your team relieves you of the pressure of making a costly decision.